Brecheen Pipe and Steel Co. LLC, founded in 1980, is a family owned service center located in Port Allen,La.
We believe locally owned businesses are a mainstay, a cornerstone of our future economy. At this time, local business equals local employment, which focuses on our economy here in Louisiana.

We are ready to meet your service needs. Brecheen Pipe and Steel services the petrochemical industry, the marine and barge industry, the construction industry, rebar and steel fabrication industry. The list goes on.

Steel is the ultimate recycled commodity, as most all steel and iron products are shredded, melted, balanced and processed back into structural shapes and usable products, then procured back into the steel industry. Brecheen Pipe and Steel is focused on the future and providing the ultimate service with an assured competitive price.

We offer plate flame cutting services, plasma and oxyfuel services, cutting slip and spectacle blinds, gussets, parts, and decorative item as well.
Brecheen Pipe and Steel is a leading supplier and stocker of Galvanized materials.
Our steel service center stocks a full array of carbon steel items